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An exceptional fund of metal cutting technology, at both personnel and corporate levels and 50 years of experience in the specialized field, lie behind every cutting tool from Louis Belet AS.  Our company’s industrial success stands on three solid pillars: technological know-how, manufacturing competence, individual responsibility.

Special tools for critical machining

Special cutting tools in tungsten carbide, HSS or sintered metal are widely used in numerous areas of high-precision machining, notable high-class watchmaking and jewelry.  Manufacturers of watch cases and bracelets, and components for aerospace, electronic equipment, surgical instruments and dental implants, value the metal-removal efficiency and reliability of Belet precision cutting tools.

productionLatest-generation production equipment

Special cutting tools are high-precision products, and they are often needed urgently.  To meet these demands, Louis Belet SA invests in equipment of the latest generation: CNC profile grinding machines with up to five axis, tooth grinding machines with micrometer-slide mounted optical projector, and special machine tools manufactured in-house for producing complex forms, with a specific CAM system for program development.

Customized tools, special services


The special tools ordered by Belet customers include form cutters, cutters with special tooth profiles, micro-cutters and drills, step drills, etc.  A further Belet specialty is attentiveness to market needs.  Customers know they can rely on rapid delivery of special orders, as well as prompt supply from an important stock, and fast return of used tools sent in for regrinding.

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