Alouette Tool now stocks spare parts for these machines as well as original Escomatic machines. For a complete parts manual of all parts available please contact us. Sales and rebuilding on original Escomatic Machines D/2-D4-D6 under warranty by Gemini Toolhead rebuilding in Switzerland. Spare parts for Original Escomatics stocked in Fairport, New York include: Collets, Bushings, Feed Rolls, Straightener Holders, Carbide Jaws & Bushings for Straighteners Carbide Tool Blanks, Carbide Tools to Drawing, Layouts and Cams.

Machining Centre with Turning

GeminiG2-CV-74150GEMINI G2-CV-74
Automatic Turning Lathe

GeminiD6Essco150GEMINI D6
Automatic Turning Lathe

CNC Cutting Tool Grinder

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