Automatic Turning Lathe

  • Maximum Diameter Capacity: 5.00mm in brass and mild steel,  4.00mm in stainless steel
  • Maximum Length In One Stroke: 74.00mm
  • 2 Rotative Cutting Tools
  • 1 Fixed Counter-Collet
  • Maximum Headstock Speed:  8000 RPM
  • Straightener Speeds: Variable via potentiometer from 500 to 3700 RPM
  • Floor Space:  1560mm x 2000mm

The automatic turning lathe GEMINI G2-CV-74 can produce turned parts from coils. The rotating headstock is a mechanical assembly of great precision and is used to do the turning and parting off “Pip Free”.  The two solid carbide constant profile tools are re-ground easily and all radial and axial adjustment are made with micrometer screws.  The counter-collet attachment holds the part during part off, giving a “Pip Free” component.  To facilitate access to the cutting tools, guide bush and collet, the counter collet assembly can be lifted on one side.  It allows the use of a centering microscope to adjust very accurately the tool positioning.  The material feed is controlled by 2 feed rollers.  The feed rollers pressure can be adjusted to eliminate all possible marks on the outside of the material.  The straightening device is fitted with five rotating straightening holders and carbide pads.  The CV-system is a camshaft speed vibrator and allows for fine tuning of the feed rates.  The programming is extremely easy and adjustments can be made while the machine is running.  Productivity can be improved and very little maintenance is needed as there is no gear box.  The gear changes are also eliminated.


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