GeminiD6EsscoGEMINI D6 Escomatic Rebuilts
Automatic Turning Lathe

The automatic turning lathe D6 can produce turned parts from coil.  Our machines are totally dismantled, re-sprayed and fully reconditioned mechanically and electrically.  All safety devices are fitted to meet CE safety standards.  The rotating headstock is a mechanical assembly of great precision and is used to do the turning and parting off “Pip Free”.  The headstock casting is fitted on a slide so the assembly can be pulled out easily to gain access to the tools, guide bush and counter-collet.  In that position, the centering microscope can be used to adjust very accurately the tool positions.  The feed and holding collets are part of the headstock, together with the guide bush.  The straightening device is fitted with five rotating straightening holders and carbide pads.  Numerous attachments can be fitted to the machine to produce slots, flats, holes, threads, etc… on the front, rear, or side of the component.  We can also design and manufacture special attachments to suit particular needs.

Diameter Capacity:
6.35mm with mechanical straigtener.
9.00mm with hydraulic straightener.
Maximum Length:
62.00mm in one feed. (2 feeds possible)
Number of turning/parting off/knurling tools: 3
Counter-collet for parting off or turret with 4 positions.
Maximum Headstock Speed: 7100 RPM
Straightener Speeds: from 500 to 3700 RPM
Floor Space: 1000mm x 3400mm


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